La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento

Year 2016 - Issue 4 - April

Positron Emission Tomography: Its 65 years

Authors: A. Del Guerra, N. Belcari, M. Bisogni
DOI: 10.1393/ncr/i2016-10122-6
pp. 155-223
Published online 6 April 2016
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Abstract: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a well-established imaging technique for in vivo molecular imaging. In this review after a brief history of PET there are presented its physical principles and the technology that has been developed for bringing PET from a bench experiment to a clinical indispensable instrument. The limitations and performance of the PET tomographs are discussed, both as for the hardware and software aspects. The status of art of clinical, pre-clinical and hybrid scanners (, PET/CT and PET/MR) is reported. Finally the actual trend and the recent and future technological developments are fully illustrated.