Il Nuovo Cimento B

Year 2006 - Issue 12 - December

Energy injection in GRB afterglows: The case of Swift GRBs 050401, 050801 and 050802

Authors: M. De Pasquale, S. Oates, A. Beardmore, K. Page, A. Blustin, S. Zane, M. Page, K. O'Mason, D. Burrows, D. Palmer, N. Gehrels, J. Nousek, P. Roming, P. Price, B. Zhang, S. Barthelmy, P. Boyd, R. Fink, S. Kobayashi, R. McNought, B. Peterson, J. Rich, S. Rosen, T. Sakamoto, B. Schmidt, J. Tueller, A. Wells, H. Ziaeepour, K. McGowan, T. Poole, A. Falcone, A. J. Blustin
DOI: 10.1393/ncb/i2007-10292-y
pp. 1471-1473
Published online 30 July 2007
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