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The Joint Annual Conference of Academia Europaea and ALLEA “Sustainability and Resilience” will be held in Budapest, 4-6 September 2017.
Pubblicata il 27/06/2017 10:44
Incontri di Fisica 2017, corso di formazione e aggiornamento in Fisica Moderna, INFN-LNF, 4-6 ottobre 2017.
Pubblicata il 26/06/2017 08:00
The 28th International Symposium of Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies (LP2017) will be held on the South Campus of Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) in Guangzhou, China, 7-12 August 2017.
Pubblicata il 29/05/2017 08:00
The 27th International Conference on Ultra-Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions -Quark Matter 2018- will take place in Venice, 14-19 May 2018.
Pubblicata il 26/05/2017 09:00
The DAνCo Conference (DArk matter, neutrinos and their Connections) will be held at the University of South Denmark, Odense, 28 August - 1 September 2017.
Pubblicata il 25/05/2017 12:36
The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics announces the 6th International Conference on Women in Physics, to be held at the University of Birmingham, UK, 16-20 July 2017.
Pubblicata il 22/05/2017 16:34
SESAME will have its official opening ceremony on 16 May 2017,Allan, Jordan, under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II.
Pubblicata il 03/05/2017 12:52
The 2017 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics will be held in Evora, Portugal, 6-19 September 2017.
Pubblicata il 24/04/2017 16:49

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