Wikipedia edit-a-thon online event

News del 22/03/2023

The Equality, diversity, and inclusion Team at IPGP (EDI@IPGP) and the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics (PCCP) at APC invite scientists to participate in the first shared event of the new Diversity Network Paris (DNP), a two-afternoon Wiki-edit-a-thon event dedicated to increasing the visibility of women in Space, Earth and Planetary Sciences. The event is part of a joint Labex UnivEarths project between IPGP and APC.

Wiki-edit-a-thon online event

Motivation: A Wikipedia edit-a-thon is an organized event where people get together to create and edit Wikipedia pages. Recent studies show that only 19.2% of Wikipedia biography pages are dedicated to the biographies of women. This number gets significantly lower for women in STEM (please follow see here for more information). One way to impact these statistics is to create new pages about female scientists who are doing exceptional work but remain largely unknown, which is what we propose to do!

When: April 5th and 6th from 14h to 17h

Format: Two-afternoon hackathon-like event over Zoom led by Marina Corradini

IPGP alumna and Communication and dissemination expert in the Earth Sciences department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, Marina Corradini, has an extensive experience in participating in and leading edit-a-thon events on Wikipedia. Creating and editing Wikipedia pages can be tricky and Marina will be facilitating the activity by telling us some of the tricks of the trade.

Registration: To participate in the event, you need to fill out the registration form here.

Registration will be open until March 31st.

Please note that the information about the program, Zoom links will be sent only to the registered participants a couple of days before the event.