News del 16/03/2023

INFN-Sezione di Padova is organizing the international Workshop "Muon4Future" to be held in Venice at Palazzo Franchetti, Istituto Veneto on May 29-31, 2023.

The Muon4Future workshop aims to start a discussion that, for the first time, compares the results of the muon-based experiments, involving both the experimental and theoretical communities. Such a comparison is indispensable today since many of the discrepancies between the Standard Model and the measurements are concentrated in the muon sector.

The purpose of the workshop is not only limited to examining the experiments currently carried out in data taking or already approved and/or under construction, but it also aims at discussing possible future proposals. The goal is to identify the most promising physics experiments and measurements that would allow to further test the Standard Model and search for new physics, comparing new ideas, relevant issues and related challenges.

Registration is mandatory within May 20.

More information: here.