IBA Prize 2020

News del 18/12/2019

The board of the Nuclear Physics Division (NPD) of the European Physical Society (EPS) calls for nominations for the 2020 edition of the IBA prize for Applied Nuclear Science and Nuclear Methods and Nuclear Researches in Medicine. Every two-three years the NPD board awards the IBA prize, which is sponsored by the IBA company, to one or more individuals who provided outstanding contributions to applied nuclear physics and/or nuclear medicine.

The expertise of previous winners of the IBA prize ranges from radiocarbon dating to nuclear medicine, cultural heritage preservation via Ion Beam Analysis techniques, and cancer diagnostics.

Nominations must comprise a completed nomination form, a short citation describing succinctly the achievements of the nominee, a detailed statement of the nominee’s major scientific achievements, and a brief curriculum vitae. Letters of support from renowned personalities of the field, underscoring the relevance of the scientific work of the nominee, should also be included. Further details on the nomination procedure and the prize rules are provided on the Nuclear Physics Division website.

The deadline for the submission of the nominations is March 15th 2020.

The NPD board will select the recipient/s of the IBA prize in the spring of 2020. The prize, consisting of a diploma of the EPS and 5000 €, will be awarded during the Applied Nuclear Physics conference, that will be hosted in Prague, on September 13-19, 2020.

Contact: Dr. R. Burcu Cakirli, Scientific Secretary of the NPD board (rburcu@istanbul.edu.tr)

More infromation: here.