EPS Call for Projects 2019

News del 31/05/2019

The EPS Executive Committee would like to use the ideas and experience from EPS Council members to propose and develop new activities with high impact. Therefore, in 2019, a call for projects is now open.

Who can apply?
The call for projects is open to all EPS Member Societies, Individual Members, Associate Members and EPS Divisions and Groups. To be eligible, the project must be supported by at least one Member Society, or Individual Member, or Associate Member or Division or Group.

Scope of Project
Projects in any field of EPS main stream can be submitted, including (but not limited to) scientific excellence, education, communication and outreach, publication, diversity, etc.
Projects to enhance current EPS programmes such as Physics for Development, Young Minds, etc. are also welcome.

Time frame
Projects should start in the 3rd quarter 2019. Initially, the maximum time a project may run is 1 year. Projects with shorter duration are eligible as well. Extensions are possible if the project is very successful.

Euro 50,000 will be allocated in the 2019 budget to finance these projects. Up to Euro 5,000 per project will be allocated.

Application for funding
The application should be no longer than 4 A4 pages. It should include:
- The purpose, scope, audience and/or beneficiaries of the project;
- The start and end dates of the project and an outline plan of the key milestones against which progress will be monitored;
- The total budget for the project;
- Other sources of co-financing of the project, where applicable;
- How the EPS contribution will be used;
- And how success of the project will be assessed.

The projects will be reviewed a committee composed of the the EPS Vice-president, the EPS Treasurer, the EPS Secretary General, 3 members of the Executive Committee, and up to 2 Council delegates. The current composition is U. Fantz, D. Lee, E. Nappi, F. Ritort, F. Sanders, R. Voss, G. Zwicknagl

Duration and reporting
Accepted projects will be implemented during 2019, with a report to Council in 2020.

The deadline for applications is 30 June 2019.