The Global Energy Youth Program

News del 15/04/2019

The Global Energy Association takes on supporting younger generation of power engineers from around the world and establishes the Global Energy Youth Program.

The purpose of the Global Energy Youth Program is to stimulate the scientific activity and inspire young specialists in the field of energy by providing them with grants and personal awards. In addition, an important role is given to the identification of promising research and successfully implemented developments of young representatives of the scientific community, contributing to the development of the global energy industry.

Students, young scientists and engineers under the age of 40 engaged in R&D in the energy sector are invited to participate in the program.

Applications are accepted in two categories: “Idea” and “Startup”.

The program will be held in 3 stages:

Stage I: Submission of online applications (April 10 - June 30)
Stage II: Moderation and assessment of applications (July 1 - August 15)
Stage III: Announcement and awarding of the program winners (August 31 - November 31)

More information are available on the Global Energy Youth Program webpage.