NuPECC Support for Conferences in 2020

News del 27/03/2019

NuPECC is launching a call for applications for the support of Nuclear Physics conferences scheduled in 2020. NuPECC will support the selected conferences with a typical grant of 1000 – 1500 €.

In order to be eligible, the conference should:

• be a major nuclear physics conference with more than 100 participants covering a rather broad range of topics,
• take place in Europe,
• provide a public lecture or a poster prize or some other outreach activity for which the money should be used,
• display the NuPECC logo on the conference poster and other conference materials and post the NuPECC roll-up at the conference.

Applications should be sent to the Chair of NuPECC, Marek Lewitowicz (Marek.Lewitowicz@ganil.fr) with a copy to the Deputy Chair Eberhard Widmann (Eberhard.Widmann@oeaw.ac.at) and the Scientific Secretary (sissy.koerner@ph.tum.de) by May 31, 2019 so that a decision can be taken at the NuPECC Meeting in June.

The list of conferences supported in 2019 can be found here.