New Trends in High-Energy Physics

News del 21/01/2019

The Conference "New Trends in High-Energy Physics" will be held in Odessa, Ukraine, 12-18 May 2018.

New Trends in High-Energy Physics is a serial multi-disciplinary conference with emphases on topical problems in high-energy (astro)particle and nuclear physics. It brings together a limited number (about 80) of prominent scientists from all over the world and students, mainly from Ukraine and neighboring countries. Promotion of collaboration between scientists from East and West, young and experienced is among the objectives of this series of conferences.

The program of the forthcoming conference will include original and review talks by experts as well as short presentations (oral or poster) by students.

Conference topics:
- Physics at the LHC - The Standard Model and beyond; neutrino physics
- Elastic and diffractive scattering of hadrons and nuclei
- Spin & polarization
- Deep inelastic scattering and multiparticle dynamics
- Nuclear matter at extreme conditions; physics at NICA and FAIR
- Advances in quantum field theory, confinement, condensed matter
- Non-accelerator physics, cosmic rays
- Astroparticle physics, gravitation and cosmology
- Computing for Large Scale Accelerator Facilities
- New detector, data analyses technique and nuclear safety.

Deadline for on-line registration: 30 January 2019.

More information: here.