Topological avatars of new physics

News del 06/12/2018

The Topological avatars of new physics discussion meeting will be held at the Royal Society in London, 3-4 March 2019.

The meeting will discuss the theoretical and experimental status of searches for topologically non-trivial solutions in quantum field theories of particle physics, including the Standard Model and its extensions. It will cover both current and future colliders and cosmic searches both on Earth and in space. The topics will include black holes, magnetic monopoles, sphalerons, Q-balls and other solitonic solutions.

There will be a poster session at 17:15 on Monday 4 March. People interested in applying should submit an abstract no later than Monday 28 January 2019. Please note that places are limited and posters are selected at the scientific organisers' discretion. Poster abstracts will only be considered if the presenter is registered to attend the meeting.

More information: here.