ICNFP 2017

News del 23/02/2017

The 6th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics (ICNFP 2017) will be held in Kolymbari, Crete, Greece, 17-26 August 2017.

The conference will feature also a number of workshops and special events:

  • Workshop on Quantum Information
  • Workshop on Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information
  • Workshop on Exotic Hadrons
  • Mini-workshop on New Searches in High Energy Particle Physics
  • Mini-workshop on Correlations and Fluctuations in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
  • Workshop on Physics at FAIR-NICA-SPS-BES/RHIC
  • Special session on QCD
  • Special session on Astro-Cosmo-Gravity
  • Special Session on Super Heavy Elements
  • Walter Greiner Memorial Session
  • Spartak Belyaev Memorial Session​
  • Helmut Oeschler Memorial Session

Abstract submission deadline: 10 April 2017.

The conference aims to promote scientific exchange and the development of novel ideas, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinarity. It mainly covers the following topics: High Energy Particle Physics, Heavy Ion Physics, Critical Phenomena and Superconductivity, Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Cosmology, Astrophysics, Gravity, Quantum Field Theory, String theory, Mathematical Physics.

While the main body of the conference builds mostly on the above mentioned topics, presentations on yet different disciplines are invited, and vary every year. Such topics include: Nuclear structure, Atomic physics, Plasma physics, Physics applications (biophysics, medical science and other), Biology, Mathematics, Computing science, and other.

The conference proceedings will include papers from both oral and poster presentations and will be published in the "European Physical Journal Web of Conferences", following a peer review of contributions.

More information: here