Extreme Light Scientific and Socio-Economic Outlook

News del 24/10/2016

The Conference "Extreme Light Scientific and Socio-Economic Outlook" is hosted by the Embassy of Czech Republic in Paris - France, 29 - 30 November 2016 and is co-organised by IZEST, ELI-Beamlines and the Embassy of Czech Republic.


• The Socio-Economic Impact of Extreme Light
• Ultra High Peak Power in the Atto / Zepto second Regime
• Peak Power Enhancement by Multi-Petawatt Pulse Compression
• X-ray Wakefield TeV/cm Giant Particle acceleration
• Proton Acceleration to Relativistic Levels
• Harmonic Generation for Femtopulse Contrast Enhancement
• High Average and High Peak Power Lasers
• Space Debris Mitigation
• Coherent Amplifying Network
• Proton Therapy and Nuclear Pharmacology
• Astrophysics, Relativity and Dark Matter
• Fusion by Laser Driven Particles Beams

All information regarding the 2 days meeting are available at this page: https://indico.cern.ch/event/558880/overview.

Deadline abstracts submissions: 14 November