VII EPS Forum Physics and Society

News del 24/06/2016

The VII EPS Forum Physics and Society "Getting the Diversity Balance Right in Physics" will be held at the Institute of Physics, London, UK, 26-28 October 2016.

The VII Forum will focus on the perennial problem that is faced by many member countries, namely the lack of girls studying physics beyond age 18 and the lack of women working, particularly at the higher levels, in physics related careers.

Broadening topics:

1. How different is the diversity problem in physics across Europe?
2. How can employers gain business advantage by recruiting and retaining a more diverse workforce?
3. How can informal learning encourage under represented groups to study physics?
4. How important are families and schools in supporting under represented groups into physics careers?

Discussion of recommendations of good practice to share across EPS member institutions.

More information: here