Nanoscale Biophysics in Erice

News del 26/02/2016

The 43rd Course: Nanoscale biophysics: focus on methods and techniques of the International School of biophysics "Antonio Borsellino" will be held in Erice at the Ettore Majorana Foundation an Centre for Scientific Culture, 17-24 April 2016.

Directors of the Course are Alberto Diaspro and Paolo Bianchini, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova.

The objective of this Course is to advance the field of nanoscale biophysics operating at the scale of nanometers to tens of nanometers, through the exchange of information, ideas, and innovative techniques. Nanoscale biophysics focuses on the study of the physical principles governing biological processes occurring on a nanometre scale, typically on an atomic or molecular level. It also encompasses the development of nanotechnologies designed specifically for biophysical investigations. The success and relevance of optical nanoscopy reached a peak with the 2014 Nobel prize for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. Correlation between methods is a crucial step for dealing with investigations, at the molecular scale, of possible applications not only in medicine and biology, but also in material sciences, cultural heritage and environmental sciences. The understanding of methods and techniques has the great potential of allowing, in the near future, for the design and perfomance of new exciting experiments in Biophysics. From these considerations we selected “Nanoscale Biophysics: Focus on methods and techniques.” as the main theme of the XX Course of the International School of Biophysics “Antonio Borsellino”.

More information here or write to alberto.diaspro@iit.it