IZEST Conference

News del 23/06/2015

The IZEST conference “Outlook on Wake Field Acceleration: the Next Frontier” will take place at CERN in Geneva-Switzerland, 15-16 October 2015.

Following the European Strategy Recommendations high gradient projects have to be studied and optimised. This includes CLIC and FCC as well as possible new techniques such as plasma acceleration. The latter is very promising as to a future replacement technology for conventional acceleration techniques. With lasers as driver beams its acceleration gradients in the range of 100GeV/m may be achieved. This corresponds to the Higgs energy over one meter. With the necessity to go beyond the standard model, new avenues leading to 100GeV over a few meters in a single step are among the must-explore list in the near future. To reach this objective, over the past 2-3 years a succession of novel concepts arose that could represent a new wind to the field of laser acceleration and High Energy Particle Physics. To create the wakefield, they rely on large existing national facilities like, the laser PETAL-Megajoule in Bordeaux, ARC at LLNL,the SLAC electron beam at Stanford, or the SPS proton beam at CERN. Along this effort, a new laser driver concept has been designed involving fiber lasers that will provide high repetition rate and efficiency absent on conventional laser systems. In addition to these, more recently the possibility to create a high energy zepto-second pulse in the 10keV regime of photons opens the possibility to generate the wakefield not in a gas but in a crystal leading to a giant gradient in the TeV/cm regime, an even more revolutionary development. To explore these new opportunities, we are proposing to convene the leaders of the field in particle acceleration and High Energy Physics.

Abstract submission deadline: 15 September 2015.

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