Strangeness in Quark Matter

News del 31/03/2015

The 15th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter (SQM-2015) will be held in Dubna (Russia), July 6-11, 2015.

The conference is devoted to Strangeness and Heavy Flavour production in Heavy Ion Collisions. It will focus on new experimental and theoretical developments, on the role of strange and heavy-flavour quarks in proton-proton and in heavy-ion collisions, and in astrophysical phenomena. New results are expected from the LHC from RHIC, and from other experimental programmes.

Topics include:

  • Strangeness and heavy quark production in nuclear collisions and hadronic interactions
  • Hadron resonances in the sQGP
  • Bulk matter phenomena associated with strange and heavy quarks
  • Strangeness in astrophysics
  • Open questions and new developments

Deadline for the abstracts 12 April 2015
Deadline for the registration 30 April 2015

For more information please visit the conference website.