A new Italian president for the European Physical Society (EPS)

News del 01/01/1970

On March 19th-20th the Council of the European Physical Society (EPS) has been held in Mulhouse. On this occasion the voting for the election of the new EPS president (whose mandate will cover the two-year period 2011-2012) and of the new members of the Executive Committee (ExeCom) took place. Three ladies have been elected: for the presidency Luisa CIFARELLI who in 2010 will act as vice-president to support the president in charge, Maciej KOLWAS; besides Caterina BISCARI and Els DE WOLF have been elected in the ExeCom to replace Angela DI VIRGILIO and Victor VELASCO, who came to the end of their mandate (the other members of the ExeCom have been reconfirmed). Luisa Cifarelli will be the fourth Italian president of the EPS after Gilberto Bernardini (1968-1970), Antonino Zichichi (1978-1980) and Renato Angelo Ricci (1988-1991). For further information: .