Statement of the Italian Physical Society on nuclear disarmament / Dichiarazione della Società Italiana di Fisica sul disarmo nucleare

News del 04/05/2010

The discovery of the atomic nucleus one century ago opened the way to our understanding of the elementary building blocks of matter and of their fundamental interactions, at nuclear and subnuclear levels. The progress in the knowledge of Nature has been unprecedented. The peaceful applications of nuclear physics provide to Mankind a sustainable and environmentally clean source of the energy that is so vital for the development of civilization. However, military applications have led to a frightening stockpile of nuclear weapons which, even if now strongly reduced, is still large enough to destroy life on our Planet. This is why the Italian Physical Society warmly welcomes the Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty to be held in New York next May 2010, wishing it the possibly widest and longest-lasting success. Documents and statements prepared by the outstanding Scientific Societies of two of the Countries holders of nuclear weapons ("Scientific cooperation to nuclear arms control and disarmament" by the Royal Society of the UK and "Technical Steps to Support Nuclear Arsenal Downsizing" by the American Physical Society of the USA) will convey the voice of the scientists of those Countries to the Conference. The Italian Physical Society - as other learned Societies in Europe such as the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellshaft in Germany ("Statement of the German Physical Society on nuclear disarmament" - joins their warmest wish that the wiseness of political decisions may lead to an adequate mitigation in the proliferation of nuclear weapons the world over in a not too far future.