ELI-HU open job positions

News del 12/03/2014

The Hungarian ELI (Extereme Light Infrastructure) - Attosecond Light Pulse Source Research Infrastructure announces 12 open positions for young scientists and post-docs for the experimental and theoretical fields of Laser R&D as well as of High Harmonic Generation.

The selected candidates will have to carry out scientific research in one of the listed projects during the first 6-12 months, followed by participation in the preparation of the ELI-ALPS project:

  • 6 positions: To design, develop, implement, and operate amplified ultrashort pulse laser systems as well as to develop the corresponding diagnostics. Please visit the ELI-ALPS website for detailed information on the laser systems. For further information in scientific and research matters please contact the Research Technology Director, Karoly Osvay (karoly.osvay@eli-alps.hu).
  • 6 positions: To design, develop, and implement attosecond pulse sources based on the generation of high-order harmonics in different media as well as other coherent radiation sources. For further information in scientific and research matters, please contact the Scientific Director, Dimitris Charalambidis (Dimitris.Charalambidis@eli-alps.hu)

The candidate must have good written and verbal English communication skills. Previous experience in research related to lasers, ultrashort light pulses, light-matter interactions, THz science, particle physics and spectroscopic investigations are especially advantageous.

Application deadline: 31 May, 2014.

More information: here