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On November 14, 2017 the 39th Session of the UNESCO General Conference has proclaimed the 16th of May as the date to celebrate every year the "International Day of Light" (IDL). This date was chosen in recollection of the first laser light obtained by Theodore H. Maiman on 16 May 1960. The official inauguration ceremony is planned on 16 May 2018 and will take place at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.

As declared by the Executive Board, the purpose of an IDL is "to provide an enduring follow-up of the achievements of the International Year of Light in raising the profile of science and technology, and its application towards stimulating education, improving the quality of life worldwide, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals".

On the occasion of the IDL the Italian Physical Society will act as "contact hub" with the aim to gather representatives of various national scientific societies and institutions, defining the major steps of the IDL2018 celebrations in Italy and the priority of a number of actions.

The official celebration of the IDL from the Italian Physical Society will take place on the closing day of the "Festival della Luce", which will be held in Como from the 4th to the 16th of May.

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International Day of Light 2018 in Italy

Festival della Luce
Como, 4-16 May

International Day of Light in Latina
The "International Day of Light 2018" is celebrated at the Scientific High School "G.B. Grassi" in Latina (Italy) through peer-reviewed scientific talks, wide range artistic exhibitions and astronomical shows at the Planetarium "Livio Gratton".
Latina, 16 May

LIMS 2018, Luce, Imaging, Microscopia, Spettri di applicazione
Il convegno LIMS 2018 intende mettere in contatto ricercatori e tecnologi provenienti da enti di ricerca, università, laboratori industriali e piccole e medie imprese della regione Lazio allo scopo di presentare progetti e risultati significativi nel vasto campo delle tecnologie associate alla luce.
Frascati (RM), 17-18 maggio

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